Monday, February 24, 2014

ATW Teaching with Social Media

Please post your activity designs below. Thank you!

-Dustin and Alex


  1. Find a youtube video of a process discussed in class. Become an expert on this topic. Annotate in the video what steps could be blocked by different inhibitors. Other students can ask questions in the comments section that the "expert" group members have to answer.

    Learning goals: To become knowledge about a specific area and to assist other students while preparing for exams. Learn how to ask concise and important questions in the public domain.

  2. Study Abroad program: take an instagram photo of something you're discussing in class and comment appropriately. For an intro language class this might be something as simple as a croissant. For an advanced culture or history class, it might be a photo of a relevant historical object (e.g., Notre Dame).

  3. Have students instagram images related to the course, so that you create a bank from which you can draw later on in the term and assess how they think about the topic.

  4. Learning goals: Learning vocabulary for technology in a beginning Spanish class.

    Describe the activity: Watching a two minute commercial on YouTube (

    Pre-activity: "What piece of technology doesn't belong?" -- Students have to describe what does not belong in a list of photos of different kinds of technology AND/OR Brainstorm: Students discuss in small groups the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

    Post activity: The students are Apple employees, and they are working to produce a radically new kind of technology. Working in small groups, they need to 1) design this produce (including price, look, etc.) 2) explain how it is used 3) present the finish product to the class

  5. Using a social media platform intended to share photos (Flickr, Instagram), students share images related to class material (images of themselves using technology, art/architectural pieces, nature, etc.) and have to write a brief caption to describe their photo. In the classroom, we can follow up by observing the photos of others and describe what we see or the actions happening in the photo.

    Learning goals: identification of vocabulary, construction of concise descriptions.

  6. Medical anthropology course: Ask students to compile a video playlist of clips of medically related television shows. Students then analyze and describe how these clips reveal or do not reveal sociocultural dimensions of biomedical practice.
    Learning goals: To become knowledgeable about the sociocultural dimensions of biomedical practice.

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